A Little About Me

I am a curious observer and life-long learner who loves to ask questions. I enjoy hearing the stories of the people I meet. I like to investigate the opportunities inherent in most design problems, and I favor design as a way of organizing over design as a commercial art form. Discover, define, and imagine are three of my favorite verbs.

I have been practicing graphic design for over 15 years. Industries include healthcare, travel, non-profit, and professional sports. I have worked in-house and agency-side on marketing campaigns, magazines and rebranding efforts.

My journey to User Experience Design has included aspects of strategic problem solving centered around the human audiences the artifacts or systems were intended for. The processes of discovery and ideation in consideration of those audiences have always been my favorite parts of the brand, layout and marketing projects I have worked on. I didn’t know that what I really wanted to do all along was UX Design, but as I’ve crossed paths with the terms and concepts over the last couple years, I’ve found it resonating more and more. As I practice and add UX skills to my design toolbox, I am finding my way home.

Speaking of home, I live in Longmont, Colorado with my wife and three adventurous children. We hike and ski and play and read and create in Colorado, but I miss the ocean often.